Karnataka Medical Council

Regulating doctors, ensuring good medical practice

    For patients

Sl.No. Contact Number Section
1. 9611229587 Online Payment/M.C.I.Good Standing Certificate.
2. 7349714863 1.For Registraton of U.G./ Inlieu Registration for other state.
2.Additional P.G.Degree/Diploma Registration.
3.For Duplicate copy of KMC Registraion Certificate.
4.For Change of Name.
5.For Certified Testimonials.
6.For Verification of KMC Registration Certificate.
7.For Re-Registration Certificate.
3. 9916302328 For Complaints against Medical Practitioners/
P.R.C./ Internship Certificate/ I.M.R. Data.
4. 7349717025 For N.O.C./K.M.C.Good Standing Certificate.
5. 9916302157 For C.M.E.

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